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mike posner – the scientist (fall asleep to this) lyrics


[verse one]
come up to meet you, tell you i’m sorry
you don’t know how lovely you are
i had to find you, tell you i need you
tell you i set you apart
tell me your secrets and ask me your questions
oh, let’s go back to the start
running in circles, coming in tales
heads are a science apart

n0body said it was easy
it’s such a shame for us to part
n0body said it was easy
no-one ever said it would be this hard
oh take me back to the start

[verse two]
i was just guessing at numbers and figures
pulling your puzzles apart
questions of science, science and progress
don’t speak as loud as my heart


i’m going back to the start

oh, ooooo
ah, ooooo
oh, ooooo
oh, ooooo