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mike stud – happy ending lyrics


happy ending

this is the way you left me
i’m not pretending
no hope, no love, no glory
no happy ending [x4]

[verse 1]
see katie was 18 when everything changed
freshman in college, scholarship paid
boyfriend from high school was everything she needed
love katie to death, when he said it, he would mean it
soon enough, katie started acting different
when he called to talk, she would hardly even listen
so the next weekend, he hopped on a flight
thought a visit face to face would make everything right
got to her place b-tterflies in his stomach
a necklace in his hand, he knew that she would love it
as he walked up, heard a noise from afar
turned around and saw that it came from katie’s car
it was kinda dark but he swore he saw the car shake
took a few more steps felt his heart break
it was katie, she was in the backseat
having s-x with the star player on the lax team

[chorus x2]

[verse 2]
meet josh, hard working dude
had a kid at 18 dropped out of school
5 years later, he grinds through the work day
man everyday, even on his birthday
d-mn, wife and son both love him to death, but
he was having trouble dealing with the stress
so, he would pop pills, and do it often
life seemed like one big maze that he was lost in
the addiction got worse everyday
and she was worried sick she tried to help in any way
she would beg, and she would plead
even started threatening that she was gunna’ leave
josh got fired, only got worse
he thought he couldn’t give what his family deserved
so one night, when they opened the door
they saw a note, and found josh dead on the floor

[chorus x2]

[verse 3]
danny hated the school system
teachers wanted nothing to do with him
he couldn’t give a sh-t about his gpa
everyday when the bell rang he would lead the way
good kid, showed love and affection
wanted to succeed but needed a direction
him and his best friend, chose to leave school
and thought enlisting in the army would be cool
get a fresh start, fight for the nation
mom disagreed and cried when he was stationed
she held his picture when she went to bed
couldn’t hear his voice, so she wrote him letters instead
danny wrote back, and it would get her through the day
either way, she was counting down to the 1st of may
may 1st came, heard a knock on the door
opened up, and then she dropped to the floor

[chorus x2]