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mikey bustos – if app we’re rappers?? lyrics


we’re your everyday thug life bestie
cause we’re social apps for life, baby!! check it out!

im youtube your video guide with trillions of view
looks like tv died
i curate vids that make you laugh, make you cringe, make you see with all my tutorials teaching you like a youtube unversity degree let me help you p-ss the time just click play and you’ll be mine, don’t skip that ad my creator need dough be a millionaire if you go viral no matter what kind of vid you like i’ll entertain you everyday and night so if you like this vid right her click here to sub, comment and share on any social media anywhere including my friend they call twitter

tweet tweet #thisisasickbeat im twitter just a small tweet no need for bigger a little tiny bit can express things better in 140 characters

look at me im #blessed theycall me ‘ig’ and im self-obsessed selfie’s and ootd’s photo’s on the regular your #throwbackthursday is back when you we’re just cellular

facebook: guess what?
ig: who is that?!
facebook: i own your b-tt!..
ig: you own my b-tt?!
facebook: don’t you know the biggest network is mine bow down to the number 1 fella online make way for the godfather facebook gangster in memory of my ancestor mysp-ce and friendster go ahead and keep on sharing stuff, chat with your friends cause the day i disappear is the day the world ends

snapchat storyteller ako (im a storyteller)
i got this big eyes and i suka rainbow (puke rainbow)
wanna know what i was doing yesterday??
well it just got deleted so i cannot say hey!..

ahhhhhhhh(tarzan scream)
im cool like tarzan swinging on a vine over and over again, &(seven) seconds to ahh!!..

im viber, im a messaging app no matter how far i’ll send it in a snap dont worry about long distance no more i’ve got fun stickers and more in my sticker store

[nba app]
he shoot
s, he scores, im real mvp if you like nba, im an app now, g! im the number 1 app if you’re a big baller need some nba just holla!holla!

im hooq, watch movies in a flash i’m a mobile cinema, cost less cash

im periscope , bro, im the new kid in the hood i show you real time, like livestream should..
whats good?!?!

-if apps we’re rappers??
-mikey bustos

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