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milk in the microwave – cupioromantic lyrics


why’s every new hit song a love song?
it really droves me up the wall
they brandished cupid’s newest arrow
but never struck me yet at all
it makes me feel like i’m falling behind
in a race i never signed up for
stuck at the start line
waiting and waiting and that’s why these hits are grating my ears with
lyrics like “baby, you did me wrong”
“but i never knew life without you”
“i love you so i wrote you this song”
when will i feel that feeling too?
they say that love makes thе world go ’round
yet, even so, it can’t bе found in my life somehow
each new hit feels like a call to action
but, right now, i need a distraction

so can we talk about anything that isn’t love for just five minutes?
emphatic conversations can be had where love’s not in it
yet it’s on every limb, on every town, in every lyric that seems to be sung
an obsession with pining invader breakups
and graphic descriptions of every hookup
anything that isn’t romantic love for just five minutes
platonic, familial, compassionate is fine, but, lovers, quit it
could you, just for a moment, perhaps take account that the world can’t revolve around you making out?
for much longer, or i’ll go insane
if i can’t stop my brain from thinking about love

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