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mindset – tradition dies here lyrics


another mold, another path, another life imposed on me.
built on your ideas of what you think i should be.
but your constructs, your expectations i have overcome.
unlike the feet that march in time to the beating of your
the other side, a different way,
a world you’ll never see submerged above your head in
to some i will have more, to others i’ll have less,
depending on the scales in which you measure my success.

its time that you break out of their mold and live.
live your life unbound.
breakout from standards set and precedent.

blind acceptance, without question, lowered to your
unfulfilled potential: your only guarantee.
patterns set and recognized, like tiles on the floor,
echoing repet-tion down an endless corridor.
all this time you had thought that you were stepping up,
and the fruits of all your labor would surely fill your
but for every step you’ve taken, the effort was in vain.
the only destination reached was the bottom of your