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mirmoney – full court press lyrics


go, go, go, go, go

b+tch, i′m with the drops, i can’t forget my c′s
if we run into a op, i’m jumpin’ out the v
long live sama, that′s my brother, we paint n+ggas t′s
you get up close with the switches, spray like febreze
he try to run, but he was flaggin’ that 40, make n+ggas buckle down, we close caskets
free mirzy out the feds, he push sh+t in the past tense
i heard that rapper got out of the city, that′s his last chance
brody tap that fully on his block, he drop this pole
full court press, when we bend, we sn+tchin’ souls
vvs diamonds on my wrist, this sh+t frozen
we ain′t pullin’ over in this cat, this b+tch stolen
mike amiri cheap, i got a lot of pairs
you ain′t gotta starve with them n+ggas, girl, come over here
we in foreigns, we got money and we like to share
every time we pop out, it’s a movie, them b+tches stare
b+tch ask me what i wanna do, i wanna swim
i fell in love with fashion, every fit, i’m comin′ trim
i be playin′ in them chases, cause i know i’m gon′ win
you keep cryin’ about your brother, suit up and go bend
i heard they said they lookin′ for me like i ain’t outside
i′m the one that shot your man, n+gga, you should hide
i’m the bull with the drac hoppin’ in that ride
free the guys in the can, i′m still pressin′ five
all this wocky in my soda, i’m up there with chucky
them n+ggas shot from a block away, them n+ggas gettin′ lucky
we be f+ckin’ on the low, but that b+tch call me cuzzy
lil′ bro just blitzed yesterday, he said he gettin’ rusty
i came up with a new belt and i start chasin′ n+ggas
jump out on they block, if one fall, then you face the n+gga
i don’t like threats, i don’t wanna talk, i′m tryna erase you n+ggas
the switchy keep glitchin′ in my hand, it’s hard to pace the trigger
free buckets out the can, they know we locked in
you press up on him till he fall and then he boxed in
they ain′t gon’ get me through no straggs, my b+tch top ten
i ain′t gon’ lie, i feel bad the way they rocked him
i ain′t gon’ lie, i feel bad the way they rocked him

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