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mirzono – way home lyrics


ya ya ya

i hear stuff in my bas+m+nt

i’m too scared of the dark

i think there might be a shark

in the bathtub

so many times i think there are monster cubs

being out alone makes me feel lost

gotta find the way home

i feel like i am in (echo in) rome

might go down to my tomb

livin in my room

is this life all just a lie

or should i take my time and die


it’s my way home

is it time to take it slowly

or should i just fricking fly away x3

higher than the sky you can’t see me

anymore anymore

life may end

or maybe it won’t

oh, baby, it won’t

i took my friend

i went into the bas+m+nt

my way home

time is ticking down
oh yes it is

i just want to know if i am safe

i just don’t have a clue

about what the h+ll is going on

so i just stand



as my people (as my people)

do everything


i want to have

a say

in what they do
oh oh+oh+oh oooho we found nothing

in my
all i saw was

a bright light

that no one

else could see

the harder i looked

the brighter it got

it made me feel like

i could


it’s my way home
it’s my way home

livin on the edge

falling down in dread

never givin up

but never livin up

to myself



i just want to leave this whole place behind
i just don’t believe that life has any meaning