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misfit – the 7th dimension lyrics


i’m on a search mehn i’m searching for a better place, sick of using the modern ways always praying for better days momma calling to motivate, paper and pen i calibrate
never fall i got vertebrate, ladies asking for dinner date
that’s the life of a college kid
where err thing looks strange like hieroglyphs
but imma walk on to calvary, fully charged is my battery
devil playing psychology, cut him off like lobotomy
7th dimension, a place of perfection
where err thing so bright, and full of affection
still we got these bars locked down, it’s in detention
screaming out my heart right now, i need directions
god reaching out bout now, through his reflection
7th dimension, we take you on a ride
lyrically speaking, show him in our rhymes
we ain’t talking bout kicking of punchlines, nor spitting of false lines or pulling or drawing nines, no
we ain’t trying to be the men
we show our god’s greatness in a man, god’s greatness in a man
so we serve this tape, throw it out this day; put it on disc plates… and float to a new place
the 7th dimension

joel prodigee
organized rhythm, organized sounds grab the mic and feel like i got a diamond in my hand
unorganized system, organized brands thanks to the collective cuz they showed me where i stand
understand you ain’t much of a man by the copies you sold or by the stories you told, we all need grace for the road
absolutely in tune with the creator that’s why like daniel i stay calm in the den of the predators
i ain’t giving what they need, literally i’m that extraordinary breed, words of wisdom coming straight up from the deep
get the understanding, it comes straight from the deep
happened to be right on the toughest part of the planet, had to stay alive god made my way around it
progressing in dimensions right from the moment i found him, pray for prodigee, the industry! how can i outrun it?
but i hope these bars left a lasting impression, six senses one god, the seventh dimension…