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mississippi mass choir – amen lyrics


verse 1:
i’m your shelter, i am your friend;
you should always trust in me.
i will deliver you when times are bad.

be still and know that i am god,
be still and know that i am god.

verse 2:
when it seems that god’s not listening,
when they fail you and cause you to cry;
be strong and of good courage,
he will not leave you.


(god said, “i will cover you with my feathers”),
(“under my wings you can safely abide”).
(“i’ll protect you from all your enemies”),
(“but you must give me your heart), give me your heart;
(give me your mind), give me your mind;
(give me your soul), give me your soul,
(i’ll take complete control), i? ll take control;
(i’ll be your guide).

be still,
be still,
be still and know that i am god.