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mitch (uk) - pagans lyrics


[verse 1]
i got pagans, got a lot of pagans
anytime i buck ’em in the field, it’s a mayhem
year six, i was a cool kid
now i’m shooting at them same yutes that i went to school with
back my bloodclaat back, tony matterh+rn
real sh+t, real spit, any f+cking track i’m on
n+ggas know what my akhis on
outside bing’s with them things, where your mommy gets her ackee from
n+ggas too busy making catchy songs
ask my man how it feels when there’s no one to catch you don
germany, these straps are from
copped the new shape ak, got the matching one
i got pagans, got a lot of pagans
four+four spinner, no safety, can’t save them
freddy, man i’m beefing with some jason’s
gmg g, keep the heavy metal on the pavements
give me sp+ce, give me room+room
jumped in the vroom+vroom, meezy in the passy with the boom+boom
nuff man are talking like they’re gmg
in the green you was chilling with the geezas, you pum+pum
ten years ago, i used to roll with them
so when i roll for them, get a good look so i know it’s them
suttin in the suttin for the whole of them
i saw his mom, she said “my son got touched”
she don’t know that it’s me that put a hole in them
real sh+t, no pretend
for my gmg’s, i’ll l!ck down my oldest friend
ps i got the four, check the plate, bun man
just turned gunman yesterday
tryna take my breath away
stay with the long nose ting like jessie j
hardest out the side since st
on my busy block, we make the fizzy pop like pepsi
[verse 2]
tell mommy “don’t cry” if they bury me
i’m with twin and silk, chilling in the cemetery
i got enemies, got a lot of enemies
but on freeflow, they gwaan like they don’t remember me
n+gga they ain’t who they pretend to be
see for ak, i’ll empty out the mac like twenty+three
t bores is like “what you telling me?”
i said for ak, i’ll empty out the mac like twenty+three

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