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mixe out – he thinks (diss track) lyrics


you say you got money and honey you stacked
when ever you speak its about facts but honestly you can’t even get yourself back on the track

i was juggin finnesin and flexxxing on dat booty
i looked at her man he looked kinda fruity
i said what was up and he talked kinda rudley
he thought he was big talked like he was hugely. but that kid was fake as a scooby
he said he’d get bigger but i think he just fooled me

he think he the sh-t and he about it
matter a fact he think he a crip went to the hood said what was good got jumped and he dipped

he thinks that he tough and he play like he ruff
thinks that hes big and hes buff
doesn’t know when enough is enough
this is what happens when you are cuffed

stop asking to chill, stop saying i will
i’d rather hang out with my day one jalil
you think that you’re cool and you pop pills
hold up wait a minute still tryna chill?
i don’t even know if our friendship was real
you the kid that couldn’t stay still
think he so rich flexing with folded dollar bills

he wanted to punch at my throat, ill punch through your cranium
if d’angelo got mad at you i wouldn’t be blaming him
he think he got hoes, he think that he slaying em
he is all talk, if i were him i would be saying em