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mkay – fly away lyrics


proton turn that

[verse 1]
i feel like i’m out of my mind sometimes fly away, take off for a bit
in a world of my own, can’t deal with my thoughts, i’m alone [?] for the spliff
i need to go shops in a bit, i build that first then walk with the spliff
i just seen one of the mandem, thumbs in the air, show love, then dip
we both on through to the pfc, put one pound down got chicken and chips
bro got a 9, that’s large with fries, then we got big smoke in the ting
i don’t roll with a skeng or a stick, but i still got tt smoke in the whip
jakes’ gotta wait for the peng, but they drove right past so i’m keeping it lit
hypocrites be soaken in drip, the they show on their kids that clothes ain’t sh+t
back to the story, street lights, just turned don and it’s half past six
[?] so i can walk back to the strip
late back home, mom’s gonna be p+ssed
my bro’s gonna be late too, we laugh then spot, then dash real quick
rack clothes in the door all careful thinking i’m sl!ck
but mom’s not thick
she was sat there waiting for me, worried that think i’m grinded again
straight to my bed, i sit and think
i wanna fly away for a bit, mh
i wanna fly away for a bit
[verse 2]
yeah, and i’m [?] for school in the morning, winter time so it’s still dark
headphones playing lo+fi music, i guess that’s where i caught my spark
get to school late as usual, eyes closed when i’m bored in class
no p’s on my canteen card so i had packed food that i took from yard
after school doing out with detention, most of the time i was writing bars
16, 8’s or singular, bars ‘bout things that are close to my heart
like water is thinner that blood, but blood weren’t thicker in ours
i got friends that are more than family, than my family that’s falling apart
those times i was hiding my talent, tsz i was covering art
i wanna go back to the past, so don’t think i’m ready to start growing up
childhood dreams of mine came true with this music stuff
i can’t lie, i sit and i think
i wanna fly away for a bit