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mo rush – flyy guy high lyrics


yea… yea… flyy… guy… high… lets go nodd ya head to this

verse 1:
you think i wont stop
right now my phone doin numbers
ask the don
girls say i’m h-llin fine
want me all to they self
will ya be mines
speeding it up jus 4 you
don’t rep red or blue
can’t see my haters where they at
give me a clue
give me a job to do
good better best
never let it rest
until my good is better
and my better best


say that i am x2
say that i am x2
say that i am x2
flyy guy high
say that you did
see my fly by
it was may 13 1992
the sky turned blue
speedin up no need 4 gas
when i p-ss u
i’m chasin aeroplanes x2 ayeeeee
say that i did x2 (x3)
flyy flyy by
say that i am flyy guy high

verse 2:

i be zoomin full speed
cuttin n-gg-s when i fly past
open woam no bleed
i’m very hot nose bleed
for my music to bang
i gotta go to a darker stage
turn the page from my past
run for 1st never last (she said she said)
i thought i saw u fly by
because i’m fly guy high
don’t hear that ( he said she said )
cuz i’m fly guy high
fly by like a fly
an say hi
bite ya girl a lil
and don’t say why
flyer than plane wings
now girl can i take u out
maybe buy u a couple things
feel the rush yes it seems

hook x1


hook x1