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mobb deep – reach lyrics


[verse 1: prodigy]
yo, however do u want, however do you need p
my mobb bring it back to life, back to reality
you walk a fine line playin’ wit mine, the greatest story ever told in rhyme
we climax in ninety-five, wit demo raw raps is knives
to skin all ya’ll cats alive
take your time don’t rush the clock, infamous rock for good now
p-ss like my duns on lock holdin’ the pot down slow
but -ssuringly, spoon-feeding these
starvin’ -ss heads catchin’ shakes, feenishly
i ball in this, word -ssortin’ this, probably recording this
of course kids keepin’ they sights upon this
exclusiveness, like some new type of kicks
we got them things fixed, p-ssed the wrong man in my cl!ck
you get charged wit intent to kick that bullshhh
welcome to the ledge of this whole shhh

[chorus: ch-nky, prodigy]
my kind of dunns’ll be the ones that’ll clap at you
yeah, that’s how it’s going down, so what’s the drill now, do it
we’ll reach out and touch anyone tryna act brand-new
don’t even go that route, throw on your running shoes and make moves

[verse 2: havoc]
yo, for my qbc duns, it’s all real hold it down
you bust yours, we bust ours and stand on firm ground
p-ss the dutchie while i, handle the henny thinkin’
you never catch me sleepin, stay on top of this properly
i know they watchin’ me, if not they probably waitin’ for a downfall
scheming on my property, we got the remedy
let em get a little cold, let em smell the tree smoke
hit em where we blow and don’t let n0body know
the snakes in the gr-ss, you gotta watch where you move
son, shots get loaded, don’t ever run wit the crowd son
stick and move, you hear me?
and that’s the way we rock it, the only way to live
if you really think about it
every move is humble wit precision, careful thought decisions
and my whole cli-tique the same vision
41st till i dearly depart, till then i’ll be somewhere gettin’ bent up in a den
sippin’ gin, while you shook cats just pretend to be something
that your not and that’s not good my friend
on a personal, i ain’t even feelin’ you cats
don’t even acknowledge the fact that you weak raps
we bust gats at, on the reg laughed at
son you know we p-ssed that, get em outta here, cause you could have that

[verse 3: prodigy]
four pounds, stumbled off grounds
fire off many a rounds, i heard return fire 3% of the time
your dogs was wives actin like girls, get feminine when handlin’ guns
you could run or take the window, son
or feel this hot one, we rip all strifes dun dun
without a fight’ thump, we keep the house dope like piefienies
we twist and pop henny, gettin’ wet on the daily, and
peers get chilly, turnin’ macks fully
now they bandin’, court rehanded and got remanded, faught
a one to three degree from v-o-p and n-c-c-v
and send me up a hub to a state facilities
what could i do but sneak, burn a tree, or tobacco leaf
or wait until my time served and get released
cool, back on the streets i seen some old drama
i still hold heat to send your -ss straight to trauma
these kids started to drilling like they ready and willing
i gave em exactly no time to switch feelings
pulled out, told my man, “look out”
commits to warfare, and rock these to sleep like this here
seventy-two like as if i was back on the top
hours of thinkin’ about how i’mma tip they -ss up out the basket
belligerent gl-ss heads, i’m bashing
no knowledge of the man nor his action
cl-ss now is in session, “soldiers boys, today’s aim is: never show your heat
and don’t flame it”
you playin’ life, wit a man who lives by the sword
and dies naturally against all karma and laws
what, speed on and get peed on

[verse 4: ch-nky, prodigy]
you wanna take the chance
i see it on your face
do you think dunn hold it down son?
boy don’t be afraid
you made a sudden move
and my crew backed yours right down
41st side got the got the answer
[?] infamous mobb around
the heat goes up, the heat dies down
it’s hot like h-ll on earth over here on this side of town
qbc in it, be in it
the jakes ride up, the d’s just bounce
and in between we gotta get to screamin’ at fiends all around
my money y’all, word up, word up

[chorus: ch-nky, prodigy]
and my kind of dunns’ll be the ones that’ll clap at you
blastin’ at you son, what up?
we’ll reach out and touch anyone tryna act brand-new
get splashed too, what, what
and my kind of dunns’ll be the ones that’ll clap at you