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moneybagg yo – black heart lyrics


[intro: -ssorted people]
southside on the track, yeah
jersey rest stop turned into a crime scene tonight. one shot in the head… moneybagg yo in this camp… man, f-ck moneybagg… drugs, guns, and gangs… moneybagg, yeah that’s my baby daddy… he won’t even come back in the club

they try the best to provoke me, the k!ller want to be relevant
kevin gates told me stay focused, yo don’t get out your element
okay cool, ridin’ with a chopper with a nose like an elephant
only thing that keep me sane when i’m pourin’ up medicine
put an address on your words, pullin’ up at your residence
hundred thou’ in presidents, and drugs on me, that’s evident
showed his hand through a text, switched up for a position
for you to let some sh-t like that go on, b-tch you been the opposition (b-tch)
saw the flaw from the beginning, should’ve knew it existed (knew it)
should’ve fell back when i heard that you be talkin’ like snitches
shout out my fans who didn’t switch up, i was readin’ them comments (what happened?)
when they took shots and didn’t respond, some got on that dumb sh-t
i was gettin’ my d-ck ate, countin’ up new cake, i was on some more sh-t
how you gon’ go off what you hear? man you don’t know sh-t (nothin’)
b-tches hold on to pride, n-gg-s sayin’ they gon’ ride
n-gg-s tellin’ lies
say you lookin’ for me here and there (where?)
how n-gg-, when i don’t hide
i can start the car without the key (skrrt)
i want the chanel on the seat (seat)
all this money turned me to a beast (urr)
now i’m out of reach, they want to reach (huh?)
n-gg-s turned hippie, they want peace
hit ’em with the urn, get ’em creased (urr)
hottest n-gg- movin’ through these streets
all at my shows with the heat
dealt with more crosses than a priest
i ain’t let it break me like the least
drippin’ louis v underneath
told ’em eat it up, it’s a feast (2 heartless)