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moneybagg yo – no love lyrics


aye real talk like don’t even try to come around me and sh-t like you f-ck with me. that sh-t really fake love you know what i’m saying. im not f-cking with it. shake my hand lookin off and sh-t n-gg- look me in my eyes. you know what i’m talking bout the gangsta way n-gg- only

i’m from the streets so i’m cautious (cautious)
some of my old n-gg-s crossed me (wooh)
im like d-mn you done lost me (d-mn hol up)
30 round make em back up off me
sh-t they say love ain’t love sh-t (nah)
really starting to hate love (hate it)
f-ck with me for beneficial reasons (whats that?)
that’s that sh-t you call fake love
lil b-tch lucky (b-tch)
now my ex b-tch wanna f-ck me (b-tch)
now my side b-tch trynna buck me (hol up)
hoe tried to bash me like i’m nothing (d-mn)
i got rappers trynna diss me
family members in hey feelings (d-mn)
i might come through like im weezy (what? skr skr skr skr)
in a drop no ceilings
yea don’t what you heard im straight in appearance
so quit all that joking lil n-gg- (stop all that sh-t lil n-gg-)
this ain’t no friday come in like worm
pull up and smoke me a n-gg- (pull up and smoke me a n-gg-)
i went and got me some money that’s mandatory (mandatory)
i grabbed the 40 it wasn’t handed to me (nah)
just counted 200 i feel important (wooh)
i don’t start sh-t i finish stories (i do that)
i got all these n-gg-s hatin (all of em)
b-tches that dissed me trynna date me (wooh)
i heard my n-gg- wanna ace me (why?)
just cause his b-tch trynna face me (uh uh uh)
d-mn, feds trynna case me
tied me to murders trynna lace me
percs got me paranoid, pacing (walkin back and forth)
i hit the cup just to chase it
i got em feeling some type of way (why?)
they get on twitter and type away
they just get bodied on getaway
41 i got the bigger face (the bigger roley)
already knew they was finna hate
but guess how much money im bouta make (how much?)
guess how much money i just spent (how much n-gg-?)
add it up grab a pen (ok lets get it)
see my charm like 40 (wooh)
then my wrist like 50 (big money)
double rings got me nifty (nice)
in the middle of memphis at the hilton (right now)
same b-tch said im ugly (what?)
now she mcm crushin (man crush monday)
i just broke a head i was rushin (that don’t matter there)
crushin bars in the slushy (i’m a junky)
you just a n-gg- i used to f-ck with
ion f-ck with you nomore
these n-gg-s thought i was gone until i hopped out the mazi like im bobo
ill never tell the popo. pull up on em solo yelling out yolo
austin p i got the mojo
ice tea swag b-tch look like cocoa
hundred thousand in cash on me
im in the yo with the bag on me
im in the yo with the mag on me
you n-gg-s done turned into f-gs on me
i feel its necessary that i k!ll em
im rockin zippers like i played in thriller
plus i got codeine on my liver
plus i got og in my system
i got red bottoms i got real gucci rockin faragamo in december
i’ll still buss a move in a rental
pull up in crack his head down the middle
my downfall what they wishin
i know they don’t like a n-gg-
so when i make it to the red carpet ima be on that b-tch with my hittas
she say she love me cause im genuine
well where were you when i was feeling it
well where were you when i was dealing it
didn’t have a ride i was stealing it
these n-gg-s easy like sunday morning
i get my d-ck sucked before performances
i got the hiccups that’s why i’m jumpin
i see the future im just being honest
had money before cmg (ask randolph ask em)
i’m cold enough cut the fan off
you got yo n-gg-s and i got my n-gg-s. lets meet up and have a standoff
f-ck all that love. it ain’t nomo love
ran off on the plug. now i got the jug
so many blue hundreds they think that im cuz
im countin that sh-t up
you better not budge

no love b-tch. that’s just how i’m feeling real talk. aye don’t even try to, you know what im sayin, come around you know what im sayin like you really f-ck with me you know what im sayin. that sh-t fake. and you know that