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moneyboss & deathrohk – anti-hero lyrics


[intro: moneyboss]

whatever it takes!

[verse 1: moneyboss]
when i pull up to the con
always gotta keep a switch blade
opposition lookin for the kid
i’m tryna get paid
double cup, drinking on this saki like its minute maid
run them hunnids up
go and get the bread then i go m.i.a
i feel like danny in the ghost
they heard senpai do the most
i could never go and toast
with a normie no
i made it off of ani+rap
i came from the 2d trap
i ain’t ever goin back
no way no
make all the tough decisions
like i am so anti and not so heroic
you said that u hate me, don’t care and you know it
all about my interеst, make back the investmеnt
nesscsary evil, chainsaw beat a katana (woah)
standing on this power! why would i come down and bother?
senpai got a spirit gun, the chamber gettin hotter (aye!)
focused on my yen, i can not go and play her father nah
[bridge: moneyboss]
thumbin threw a check
my crew don’t take no disrespect
yakuza hittas at ya neck
i’m just way to c+cky, i’m reppin the set
told her i won’t go
too busy sticking to the code
out in shibuya with my bro
this yen elastic cuz it grow (aye, aye)

[verse 2: deathrohk]
blood all up on me got me feelin like power
level goin up growin stronger by the hour
money too high stack it taller than a tower
boi’s spittin fire got me feelin like bowser
this is the start and we only gettin louder
chillin with ya shawty you know i allow her
like sourpatch bae sweet then she sour
all my enemies i shall devour
i ain’t your hero no i am a fiend
bodies start droppin when i’m on the scene
countin up my paper yeah i’m countin up my green
senpai see you later she like senpai what you mean
i ain’t a coward no i always fight back
aim for my left i’ll hit em with right jab
act tough onlin+ yeah why would you type that
nothing but a pushover in mortal combat
yeah i’m the villan just hear what im spittin
dealin with these cards that your senpai’s given
this ain’t neon white but i got that ammunition
this is my story now sit back and listen
i am the mc you have no exposure
i am the best you sound mediocre
you should just quit you sound like the joker
hang up your coat it is now over