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monster – ambidextrous, sam1 lyrics


#tha monster ep {14′}

sitting home watching videos of hard knock battle rappers
b-tch let me go i k!ll the cattle
k!ll the cattle after

[verse 1]
imma pitbull
off his leesh, skitso
big nono of the year; kids no
i don’t listen
h0m-phobe piston
i’m p-ssing off some big names
kiss, kiss, came
like n-gga running it, is this sane?
-god dam- b-tches, lame
it’s me
dog eat dog world forgive each look
we just has some issues
mooch, smooch, who the f-ck is mooch
su-wu don’t practice then preach it pooch
who? he’s
just a watcher, don’t mind it
but he’s watching he’s spineless
off the top, (pop) time it
pop the rock up fine it’s me
you got me bobby
rock bottom in this b-tch
props sittin’ listening plottin’ till i’m rich
little wordplay got me giving props up and this b-tch
feeling vengeful, resentful, conscious
f-ck is that?
whats cl-ss?
all i get is d’s evil, just
– … –

i just really want to see you again
& go by monster
{bang, bang} (aww yhea)
i just really want to see you again
& go by monster
{bang, bang} (aww yhea)
noes it, everybody knows it
everybody knows it now

[verse 2]
might be psycho
but at least not a test dummy, michael
angelo in this b-tch
who’s he?
f-ckin’ infamous
kin a ship r-t-rded legitimately illegit
which got me locked in the bridges
the hinges, the outskirts
what i’m about first
couch with a smirk, f-ck this
mary j in a brown wrap
syringe with stimpy ren & the hounds, brdat
cuz the fact that i’m black with a rap
tick for tack, sh-t with tact
gimme dat, gimme dat
fake spanish real blunt, remind these jeckles
come up like a n-gga was g, banger
a chief strange can’t picture me being stranger
blood hound f-ck it
i’ve smelt traps before
brushed off my soldiers
bust. just rap some more
that notorious
back up, my raps get gory slit
your wrist then your throat
there’s no love out here locke

and everybody noes
knows it now
everybody knows it now
got dammed bang, bang

[hook] extended

[verse 3]
so if you shall ever feel much loyalty i do too much
bark up the right tree spoiled, ruin the trust
do what you must
i ‘on’t give 2 sh-ts nor f-ck
so; 10 m’s i want ski masks
tmz f-ck it be’ze that
money leaves f-ck the tree’s at
cool as the breeze f-ck who needs cl-ss
pedigree emcee act stupid
i’ll never give up, that ruthless
i don’t do dis music sh-t i’d lose my sh-t
& hopefully you’d get o’er my little nosebleed
i o’deed with rosie o donald
bagging up groceries
oh please
you know me
miss bo peep
it’s me, shifty took off both weeks
at cosi’s to go deep in this b-tch
is so sentimental
f-ck up, p-ssy keyed up this b-tches’ rental
benz in the memo just pleaded incidental
got away with murder too, really the sh-t was simple
try not to complicate it
heart-shaped box, confiscate it



[verse 1]
the m-th-f-ckin’ monster in your nightmares
monitors, right near?
i write queers wife up cheerleader
slurp like bare
skies weird like the tears i’m ballen
tats pierced cryin’ fallen
angel to the fly screaming
demon, demon, for no fcken reason
even if it was an evening
i’ve no plans
a stove &, a kitchen knife
livin’ life
life lived well, deserves to grow
well i’m infamous
murder the whole show
murder flows, def jam the def stroke
best stroke
head in the rental
n-gga musta hit the lottery
jackpot sodomy
lobster cheesy biscuits
critics, hisfits
& misfits
tick-tic its b-tters
m-th-r f-cker
“what what” and we b-tt heads
buck lead at bucs dead
die young i’m deciding to buy guns
hide them in my closet till the time is eerie
c-ck suckers we c-ck 9’s h’re
pac lines dear ghost, get ghost
rope a dope, smoke ali!
check it, we made it atheist
hey biatch imma blackmail, who?
meh milieu
sum devil’s pie
save some dessert for us, f-cker
yea f-ck her
bye, sandy beaches hail mary
nah, it can’t be jesus
so far, gone my only motto
and? who gives a dam who sees it