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moonmanflo – menace 2 society lyrics


they see the
way i walk
the way i talk
and it’s like
they don’t want
to be involved
and i’mma
keep on walking
keep on walking
i’mma keep on walking
keep on walking
i’m a menace to society
i’m a menace to society
i’m a menace to society
i’m a menace, i’m the realest
yeah i meant it

they see me with the headband think i’m affiliated
they hear my words being slurred and they really hate it
but i don’t really give a
like they constipated
i’m just tryna live out my life ’til i get compensated
hoodie on never knowing what’s in the bag
hands always in my pocket think i got it strapped
but when we pull up to the party go figure
everybody straight wasted yelling out my (shut yo mouth)
y’all don’t even say what’s up in the caf’
the way y’all giving dirty looks i need to take me a bath
i be tryna stay positive
negativity dodging it
expletives yeah i’m blocking it
’til i’m off like a rocket ship
try to maintain my focus
don’t know if friendly or foe
but just notice that i ain’t one for the okie doke
it’s crazy ain’t it
so i just keep it close to my folk
it ain’t funny but it’s always a joke
man it’s always a joke


they label me a menace
cause i walk round with a grimace
keep a backwood rolled tight
tucked up in my fitted
and i’m blowing smoke at any n-gg- who’s a witness
to the hustle and trade
you gotta work to get paid
and i ain’t f-cking with the n-gg-s
that be flashing facades
and always tryna act high
but end up looking like broads
but no i do not put more violence
but all of my n-gg-s violent
a business man i got clients
i’m getting money in silence
pray to god for the guidance
demons inside me they hiding
slide on me it’s no fighting
god k!ll me now if i’m lying
h-lla paper no pens
still drawing attention
only f-cking with nina if she come with extensions
i ain’t f-cking with sobriety
p-ss the wood so i get higher please
n-gg-s dying if they trying me
i’m a menace, i’m a menace
don’t you forget this