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moonmanflo – stupid lyrics


[eartha kitt]
to compromise?
what is compromising?
compromising for what?
compromising for what reason?
to compromise…for what?
to compromise…what is compromise?

they told me about you
ok i’m lying, i told them about you
but then they told me about me
and i was told i would only tell about you
tellin’ ain’t it?

and now the picture’s burnin’, burnin’
i’ve been runnin’ round this town
i’ve been searchin’, yearnin’, yearnin’
now there’s nothing around to be found

[verse 1]
forsake myself
couldn’t come to wake myself
i’m wonderin’ if the skin i’m in’s getting thin
look i could not resuscitate
the one you see is all a fake
i’m still under covers in my bedroom
and lately i’ve been thinkin’
that i should be under constant watch
but not because i’m crazy but only because i talk a lot
to myself and it’s pretty valuable
between you and me we’re incompatible


[verse 2]
lookin’ out of windows
wonderin’ what i’m here for
and n0body’s ready to listen
it’s just me myself and them
they at the door wantin’ to get in
in fact they kick in now i’m hesitant just to fit in
this was my sanctuary
simple and clean enough
when things get roof i board up the rooms
and now it’s not so tough
now we just wait until they call my bluff
now we just wait until you call my bluff


[kanye west]
everybody wanted to know what i would do
if i didn’t win…
i guess we’ll never know