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moonmanflo – tell nobody lyrics


[verse 1]
i remember not too long ago we was…
i remember not too long ago i
guess i forgot
so could you help me remember
you remind me of a song i wrote
last year in november yeah
has it been that long
or have the days seemed
longer than forever
it’s like they runnin’ together
you’ve been runnin’ through a thought or two
probably thought of you
when i was comin’ up with more to say
i got a couple words
oh god, so good
you, me, what’s good?
everything, h-lla things
so we can arrange somethin’
just let me know
i got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
reasons to get with ya aye

and we ain’t gotta tell n0body
yeah we can keep it on the low
and i don’t want n0body
but i want you on the low
we can go have a party
just you and me on the low
and we ain’t gotta tell n0body

[bridge x4]
i can keep it oh low
solo, dolo
if it happens yeah they won’t know oh no