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moose fablo – call ray deady lyrics


grrah, grrah, grrah, grrah
grrah, grrah, fabloo
wu, wu, wu

c+call ray deady he ain’t answer the phone (h+llo)
oh yeah he got shot in his dome (baow, baow, baow)
free all the opps when you come home
you better go home cause we kickin’ the door (free all the opps)
tmzk then he gotta be broke (grrr)
seven days we ain’t catching no hoes
marcus n+gga got poked and he told (he a rat)
free sandy mr. up it and throw
when he see me he was yelling out sid
he ran on his mans when that n+gga got hit
you f+ck with the opp then we taking the risk
i’m a grown ass man i don’t play with them kids

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