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mother of mercy – soul burns slow lyrics


can’t make it through this
no longer feeling
the feelings p-ssed
no way around this
no longer healing
can’t heal the past
try to break away but something holds me back
a mental block i can’t escape
keeps me from choosing a path
repeat mistakes to spite myself
can’t stand the sight of my face
a losing race i’ll never win
but it’s one i know i can control
stuck inside
soul burns slow, i feel the flames rise and burn me alive
there’s no way to survive
sit and stare, pretend to care
but you’re not even there
not even there
a crushing weight i’m forced to lift and put onto my back and it’s about to snap
an empty hope that went broke and sent me out on my own so i’ll do this
all alone
i feel so hopeless
no one can help this
feeling of hopelessness