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motive yaypes – recipe lyrics


i’m sipping on steel reserve puffing on dro/ just another dirty mother f-cker with a flow/ just another bustah who be looking for a come up/ cause the lil mother f-cker ain’t hustling an o/ whoa! i got the city in my mind/ feel like pac on trial or biggie fore he died/ why? i cheated death in my youth/ and i ain’t waiting round for the reaper to recoup/ give me fat bags of hash and a civic in a coup/ fat ol -ss and ciggy and brew/ packs of black and my n-gg-s on a stoop/ racks on racks? or a scissor for the noose/ oooh you ain’t know my -ss/ just cause my people like to live life fast/ and die young… the roll that they gave us, but i ain’t trying to be type cast/

motive and cupcake:
dash of dro, pinch of a felony/
stirred with malt liquor is the death of me/
good lord, good lord, i think i found the recipe/…for disaster

if you looking conscience that shits been gone/ where the h-ll my parents went wrong/ trying to get my pimp on/ hollered at a bougie hoe, told me dream on/ back on the scene with a gangster with a cut supreme back on the scene with a gangster lean/ mote you ain’t no gangster! f-ck you mean?/ oh i must of lost my mind mixing dust with weed/ geez, everybody calm down, ain’t n-body know the type of shit i’m on now/ i can quit, but i don’t really try to stop/ i only smoke crack for the writers block/ i only smoke cigarettes, cause the weed cashed/ i only jack your debit for the free gas/ gasp! yeah it’s motherf-cking real g/ gotta leave the mia fore it k!lls me!/


get lifted shop lifting like wynona/
roll dro outta high school diplomas/
rents coming stay ducking my super/
urine test says i p-ssed away my future/
no action stay scr-ping with my best friend/
every job stay moving towards a dead end/
breadren kicked me out cause i steal and lie/
living crazy cause its crazy that i’m still alive/

[chorus x2]