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mrivera25 – intro (twenty five) lyrics


you f-cking big fat bully i hope you go to h-ll
but your already in h-ll
you think i’m going to fear you cause your black
you ain’t sh-t

one day in animation cl-ss we had a subst-tute
momma didn’t raise no foo
thought she was nice and cool
but little did i know she was a b-tch -ss foo
she told me “you need to get out of there” i was like “f-ck you”
fat b-tch i’ll f-cking k!ll you

[verse one]
i hate this f-cking planet that god made
cause it’s filled with heartbreak
and teachers make kids lives a living h-ll
and when you tell
they don’t do nothing about it
help i’d f-cking doubt it
this b-tch thought she can f-ck with me
but this is what happens when you f-ck with me
she wants to be treated like a peice of sh-t
fine let’s treat her like a peice of sh-t
b-tch your race doesn’t mean sh-t to me
you’re just a fat f-ck bully
this is america we are free
but you are demon that we all can see
punch you in the stomach fat -ss p-ssie
i dare you to pull out your gun and shoot me


[verse two]
you just messed with the wrong guy miller
coming out of cleavland so your probably a k!ller
tell her to come back and k!ll me
like the country hill billy
i’m rapping in the studio over something i’v should’ve said before
f-ck the planet i just got dissed by a wh0r-
and she got away with it like a son of a b-tch
but then like a dumb-ss i did’nt snitch
poke me again and i’ll chop off all your fingers b-tch
you black peice a sh-t
ake me if i’m mad of course i am motherf-cker
f-ck security -ssh0l- motherf-ckers
your’re full of sh-t too future thank god these n-ggas vandalize your page
cause your a b-tch -ss n-gga punch you in the face
and if y’all hate f-ck you too
i ain’t a thug but i can k!ll you


[verse three]
send me to cesar chavez i don’t give a f-ck
i’m getting revenge and getting my d-ck sucked
all you rappers can’t spit like me
yeah go ahead and get a tighty whitey
i sh-t my pants all the time
so i smell like p–p day and night
now because of this ho i’m scared of the computer psych
the internet is dangerous sh-t guarded the f-cking fbi
now i got blood in my eye
break down and cry
take me to jail i don’t give a sh-t
at least my breath doesn’t smell like d-ck
made a promise never to join animation ever again
still can’t make another god d-mn friend
hey fat f-ck loose some weight
or else the floor is ganna break


i told you fooz not to f-ck with me
ok hardheaded
you don’t know me like that
you are going to jail