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mrs.shadow – tricked ya’ (ruin song) lyrics


i like games and fun
playing tricks is what i do. whoa
i’m myself not an eclipse
not sun or moon, i say it’s true
you proceed to ask questions
adventuring where i come from
hey ya know..
you’ll find nothing just go
don’t believe my information
can not prove my truths or lies
i’m in the front row
of my puppet show

oh~ i tricked ya!
you should know+a
i’m way much smarter than your other
these games i like to play+a
will ensure to have bloodshed!
such pressure, such anger
oh stop whining and just bring me to the gutter
“can’t you hear my prayers”
“i’m calling for a savior..”

i have a companion, now the bloodmoon shall rise
the world glowing red
broken, cracked, and mangled like the home that i’ll find
resembling my head
hear the ticking time bomb tick (tick, tock, tick, tock)
the ball pit will do just the trick (times running out)
hear that ticking time bomb tick (tick, tock, tick, tock)
make it fast and make it quick
now moon my friend let’s play a game
you go to h+ll i steal your fame
your death brought everyone to tears
i love to smell their fear
children screaming hear their cries
soon people you knew and loved will die
but it’s just the beginning…

oh… ohhhh.. oh…
it’s just a game
no need to get riled up
don’t get upset if you lose
besides it’s two against one..

someone please stop this pain!
please free me from this game!

having fun?
we’re not done?
our final game has begun
i’ll hurt your whole family
starting from top of the tree
oh you can’t hide (i can’t hide)
you can’t run (i can’t run)
looks like i’ve already have won (looks like you’ve already have won)
your brothers life is in my hands (help me please! i can’t breathe!)
just try to find him, i’m sure you can’t. (i’m on my knees.. i want to leave.)
someone please stop this pain!
please free me from this game!

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