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mudvayne – i can’t wait lyrics


“i can’t wait”

i am the plague, i am the rot
i am the bitterness.
i am the war, i am the death,
i am the crucifix.
i am the sacrifice at the end,
i am the fall of man.
i am apocalypse, i’m the debt list,
i’m your last breathe.
i am sin.
i am dancin’.

i can’t wait until it’s over.
all done and gone.
i can’t wait to lose it all, f-ck it all.
f-ck you all. there’s nothing left anyway.
they say that dead men don’t pull triggers,
well prove ’em wrong.

i am catastraphe, i’m conflict,
i am warfare.
i am fatality, i am the wound that’s in your head.
i am the dark, i am the fear,
i am the orphan lamb.
i am anxiety, i am the grave,
i am nothingness.
i am hate. i am lost faith.


i’m empty!