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mumble – untold lyrics



chase a boy down the road
i’m the devil take his soul
stop saying you know me my name is untold
put a bullet in his dome
demons got me on my toes
tryna take my girl ima make sure you get smoked
i cannot do right
see a red and a blue light
looking up at the night sky
the old me was not a nice guy
choppa tucked on his right side
time quickly flys by
but i’m not having fun so i think i’m bout die
i never know when she’s lying
baby i promise i’m trying
hold up i think i’m dying
i’ve been struck by lighting
no mcqueen but i’m driving
shawty quit with the spying
devil told me start hiding
hater think that their the reason that i struggle with drinking
down a wholе nother bottle let my feelings sink in
looking in hеr eyes i ain’t even blinking
can you tell me why are you really cheating
they tryna be like me
they catfishing as me
catch him between the beam
slide to my friend baby ima go leave
i was last now i’m in the lead
his tryna run but his on a leash
now you’re in my dms asking for a feature for free

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