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mx551m0 – i love u! lyrics


[verse 1]
was mid+july when i met you
my hair was dark and yours was too
lunch breaks, i’d meet you at the park
where we would tan under the arch

knew it was too good to be true, but i love you

[verse 2]
september, october, november
do you remember all the fun
we’d walk along the dirty water
and at night, we’d get so drunk

these special moments when we grew, and i love you too

you’d curl my hair with fingertips
at night, i’d give you gentle kisses
and we’d wakе to city skies
and you’d be staring at my eyеs
and i’d skip school to be with you
we’d watch the sky turn shades of blue
hold hands and float down boulevard
life with you didn’t feel so hard
a year of pure bliss through and through, and i love you

[verse 3]
in march, you’d sleep over my home
‘cause i finally lived alone
we’d cook and play video games
it all just felt so safe

and in these times i knew
that i love you

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