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myles cameron – sorry/satellites lyrics


[chorus 1]
see what you
mean to me
i can’t move on
easily, easily, easily

if it’s cool
let’s let it breathe
it should come

[verse 1]
i’m sorry that you left upset
i hear all of the things you said
i wasn’t tryna talk about it
had a session in the morning
and now while i’m recording
can’t think about it
can’t focus on sh+t
can’t focus on…

and it’s been so long
since i touched someone
and it ain’t the same
when it’s just for fun
like when i was in college
was a f+ckboy i guess
i was tryna fill a void
cus my ego got destroyed
in highschool, just like you
it’s a cold world and it’s cruel
after a year i was confused
i broke it off but we’re still cool

and i’m sorry about this morning
and i’m crying while i’m rеcording
and i hope life gives you lеmonade
and you can call me when it gets boring

[chorus 1]

[chorus 2]
satellites flying overhead
i don’t really wanna go to bed
man i used to feel i wasn’t sh+t
now i’m getting better

satellites flying overhead
tryna forget what’s in my head
man i used to feel like an alien
now i’m getting cheddar

[verse 2]
i’ll be running from middle school for my whole life
i’ll be running from high school for my whole life
man it’s crazy the things that stick with you
4 walls in my room, nothing else to do
i remember under that oak tree
waiting for my mom to come get me outside
i remember dreading that recess bell
had no one to sit beside
and the few other kids that looked like me
looked at me like i got six eyes
like drowning in a pool
i didn’t know what to do

[chorus 2]

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