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myniakal – lying under oath intro lyrics



[verse: myniakal]

if i were to die today by catching a live grenade
would i try and pray? break into heaven and climb the gates?
is life a journey or test, that i decide to ace
sick of all these lying snakes, read her like in ironed face
you can try and hate, but it ain’t phasing at the least
i’m doing this music sh-t, thats why i’m braver than your team
working every night, this burning labour gets me steamed
and i know that its gon pay off, by the day i get my dream
i didn’t do nothing, and had some bad luck, d-mn
all i’m tryna do is spit, and got no backup plan
ain’t the type to wait, until success is handed to me
i’mma grip it by the throat, start to scream and command it fully
the game is turning wack and giving credits to dudes
i can bump what i wish, cause i rap better than you
people send me all their tracks, and i just never review
and i hope you don’t come back, like sending letters to proof
homie, i used to smoke until i’d lose lungs
i got the game in front of me, hope i don’t die too young
you want that real hip hop? dunny, myni soon come
girl if i take you out all i’mma do is buy you lunch
battle me? on the grounds where your face is rested
check this, im calling out fakes for breakfast
neck slit, one myni, don’t mistake my methods
i’m f-cking all these hoes while you date my exes