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myriads – encapsulated lyrics


[music: myriads, lyrics: alexander twiss and mona undheim skottene]

like the mirror of water reflecting his shadow in his eyes,
painted on the waves when they rise
looks for a place for landing, there is no place to settle down
fly into the clouds higher above

this chaotic path in life influences my callous mind,
it dwells in the deepest chasms amongst the shadows
your subtle thoughts create a poor absurd vision
which enslaves you in this maze of madness and wisdom
hear, the wind tries to reach him, but surrounded by the
walls of air, fearless is he, his weakness must be held inside


once he saw the golden daylight rising high
now with the earth he circles to follow the darkened light

i am yearning to relinquish
this haze of demented illusions
i feel parted to the irrecognizable
by multiple mirrors which are scattered everywhere
moving through the vault, suddenly your approach yourself
which token will guide you in this portal of the absurd?
he is confined in a room between this broken mirror,
twists the facts does his acts ‘companied by the echoes of himself


blurred focus, blinded eyes
thoughts devoured, eternal hunger
lost judgement, reason declines
blackened vision, hope dies

his final common sense will soon be impoverished
by his untamable and self-destructive urge
for him it seems like human souls scream in vain and agony
delusions and false dreams tear sanity apart
ray of light hits myriads of mirrors scattered everywhere,
reflected back it hits his eyes and lays his mind waste forever

i strive to break down the barrier which circles around me
and have the possibility to sense your world
detached from reality and isolated in his world,
he is lost for all time in a portal of the absurd
does not know there is a shadow drifting over his
filmed eyes, keeps the light from his simple blinkered sight