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nalvage – theuthian lyrics


(joy of the present)

blumaza, bnaspol, bobogel
bralges, blisdon, bornogo

sun entranced reveals
far beyond perfection, consonance and… light

hic et nunc, we are creating natures
but still praying for in-existence ex-stasis from drammatic mimesis
semiotic screens obscured by epigenesis marvel
is a dissonance…

cold gaze abstraction sacrifices dynamic glance experience
viewpoint paradigm code necrosophized
simulacrum now dominates…

exosomatic dimensions turn the memory in technofaith
delete the superstructures of history
perception devoured by uncontrolled epochè
pilgrimage in everpresents…

post-sensorial supreme knowledge
tortured with universal transfusion
unite the vestiges of this vespertine race violence

terminate homination process with psyentific occult antropomorphism extensions

the viral simphony of flesh-enslaved self
monadism maimed dialectics perverts the phylum mutation hermeneutics construction

dichotomy of ancestral d-mnation
ends in archaic pulse of re-incantation as invisible saviour
in ritual downfall

a dispersion being…
dismal heuristic eclipsed distance dancin’ inside the wombs of synthetized realities
chronophagic sores chrysalis of mummified catastrophies
beyond perfection, consonance and light the night proclaims we’re less than beasts