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napoleon da legend – android 16 lyrics


[napoleon da legend verse]
bubble goose weather swiping the loose cheddar
imagine a player !dominant like shaq but i shoot better
got the newsletter? po k!lling em
give me that old feeling back and taking no prisoners
see the kid shining? road of success zip lining
digging deep like fertile african soil, big diamonds
big dollar contracts i’m on that moving unpredictable
i say it to ya face, no subliminals
stepped on the scene and raged against the machine
hitting the gym hard been god giving strength to my dreams
with the gem star, cutting thru the noisе new toys
w dubois back for more f+ck u thought?
bruce lеroy, captain ice, i’m ice cold
peep the price sold, run that i.s.o., i make it hype though
fireworks and light shows for nose bleeds fans
jersey sitting on the rafters like kobe’s man

[napoleon da legend hook x2]
no two days alike like snowflakes
the devil is alive he takes no breaks
keep my clientele fed like ghostface
i’m a still! be! standing when the smoke fades

[napoleon da legend verse2]
consummate pro monsoon with the flow
hit the spot looking fresh/ with a confident glow?
noam chomsky, gramsci on skies no ponzi
kalonji, chamberlain i’m basically on don speed
big shot billups chauncey, kaio kanji
i just sat back observed like mahershala ali
paid for and powered by the people
my whole tribe is lethal in this game, seen many types of evils
manifested with thirst and greed u know the birds and bees
everything ain’t what it look like on this earth it seems
every now and then! you’ll get a glitch! in the circuitry
and every single piece of puzzle’ll fit perfectly 12
black hercules a goddess gave birth to me
b+tch made goons try to retrograde my mercury?
i’m here to generate urgency
you can be gone tomorrow ya life will end and that’s a certainty