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nas – it wasn’t you lyrics


(feat. lauryn hill)

[intro: nas]
uh huh, a love story, but not your ordinary love story
not hardly, you heard
get into this sh-t right here, check this sh-t out
you know, check it

[chorus x2: lauryn hill]
as we turn the corner, i count down his name
i felt so ashamed, when it wasn’t you

companions, commitments, relationships
they can be so nice in days picnics, advance slow nights
you start to miss it all when you got no wife
seeing couples, walking, holding each others hands, talking
like everything around them don’t exist
and yo they stop before crossing the street so they can kiss
that remind me, my love for this ‘lil mami
a slim body from saudi arabia probably (uh, huh)
we met five day into her stay, a thirty day visit
her second time in the usa
but my first time to gaze at her
and wave at her was at knicks game
islamic name hard to spit game
my thug look made nervous, her secret service
the floor seats next to spike lee, i had to purchase
later we met on tavern on the green and after we dined
i said “i got to have you just one time”, she said

[chorus x2: lauryn hill]

seduced her fast, surprised me, laying beside me
rolling in my satin sheets, flexible body
hair, black and long, indian skin completion
eyes, nose and lips resemble the egyptian
it’s against rules to make conversation, with anybody new
which was strange in our situation, that admired her more
everyday i gave her a tour
of new york streets, the parts that remained hard-core
it was coming to the day when she had to depart
when she left i felt the butcher knife stabbing my heart
without a number to dial, continent near by the nile she reside at
she said she would write, so she could fly back
private airplanes, been a year, letters never came
in the short time we were together it never rained
just sun shine when our tongues climbed
each others body, wish i can see you one time, ’cause now

[chorus x2: lauryn hill]