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nas – my will (honeymoon is over) lyrics


[intro: nas]
aiyyo whattup n-gg-z?
fresh off the honeymoon
the honeymoon’s over
fresh off vaca (yea, yea)
i’m jet-laggin’, still jet-laggin’
but this just a preview
let’s get it on again y’all

[verse 1: nas]
i designed it – rhymed it – flow cl-ssic
you askin’ – who am signed with?
the real deal is ‘ill will’, stay scomit
why’s drama when other artists pay homage
you hatin any rapper i do a song with
“what’s wrong with nas helpin’ crews get stronger”
you selfish, wantin’ me to yourself
but prophets need help too, y’all see nas get insulted
i ride for the real sh-t, high as the lock’s get melted
twelve years, givin’ you nuttin’ but big moments
how can ‘murda inc’ not wanna f-ck wit
the top hustler – roc crusha
nas a legend ‘fore ‘big & pac’ left us
bubbled wit ‘dr. drizze’, you heard it on (makaveli)
sayin’-> “nas is ring leader, brings ether, brings heater”
your dream teamer scream, “he’s the supreme teacher”
similar to anybody you know
oh, i created, cremated, body that flow
anyone you think is f-ckin’ wit me
better be vets – better be ‘ra’, better be ‘kool g’ or ‘krs’
better be ‘ll’ or ‘slick’ or them
neva put me in the ‘top ten’ b-tch!
it’s disrespect to the life that burnt the verses
or n-gg- writes who comes first
it’s the ‘ice cube’ ‘mc shan’ them type dudes
so bet’s list was wrong, don’t get me wrong
i did chill in the throne alone so long
this is my (my will)

[outro: nas]
yea, escobaro cigars, that’s how we doin’ it
aiyo quan welcome to the game
shot-out to ill will (this is my (my will))
bravehearts stand up, whuttup scarface
whuttup tre williams (this is my (my will))
ill will ’05, what y’all know ’bout that?
queens, queens i know you miss me
i gotchu, i gotchu queens, new york stand up
ahha, i gotchu baby, let’s do it again