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nastynorris – nasty by name lyrics


[verse 1]
matthew wood is not deciduous
he is spruce and oak. coniferous
lumberjack with a mad powerful gat
pull out the strap blap blap bang
put on trial, gonna hang
last meal, a single meringue

[verse 2]
king of the jungle, such a cool man
that jungle is concrete, its a city. i’m glad
my throne will be gold and red silk
born with a silver spoon and on that spoon milk
calcium is cool, over my bling you drool
if you think you can square up to me you are a fool

[verse 3]
mitsubishi, nissan
foreign car, probably from j+pan
squealing tires, they like pigs
like the ones in police cars
my speeding they don’t dig
no brake pedal, my names not neville
make it look dishevelled
wrap it round a tree like a gift
merry christmas, gangster sh+t
[verse 4]
nastynorris, is my name
nasty by nature and nasty by game
greggs pasty as the opps past me
draw my antique flintlock before they blast me
it old but it still bark
just like your mum, on my w+lly she parks
golden chains, for me no poverty pains
nastynorris is a choice
nastynorris, gorgeous voice



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