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naughty by nature – live or die lyrics


“live or die”
(feat. master p, mystikal, phiness, silkk)

[sounds of an automatic being fired, then a single gunshot]

[master p]
unnnnnnnnnnnngh! he heh
master p and treach, n-gg-
it’s all family baby
get them naughty boys, i got the no limit soldiers
and when we posse up, these n-gg-z gon’ pay us

[chorus: phiness (mystikal)]

i thought i told you, have my mo-ney (whatcha wan’ do n-gg-?)
you got until sunrise, or lose your life (whatcha gon’ do n-gg-?)
we comin with them thangs, and we ready to ride
(where they at? let’s get em!)
are you ready to die (live or die, live or die, live or die)
(where they at? let’s get em!)

with a little bit of taste of the b-ss to the face
in the place for anybody not payin-on-time
rather be up in a six foot cell
before i let another n-gg- get flagrant-with-mine
and we be takin all cash, no checks, so go cancel this
i know n-gg-z are so scandalous
the ones i bust i’ma show em nuff ? on how many people
thinkin that they can stand with this, sheeyit
i thought somebody told you, boy
them naughty n-gg-z ain’t no toys
you’re f-ckin with sixteen styles over sixteen bars
sixteen car man entourage
and when we get things started, i’m the hardest artist
styles i flips r-t-rded
family who can handle this
from illtown to s.e. to los angeles


hear the tale, of the n’illtown o.g., better know me
shape the gold teeth, cd be, bring the clip sh-lls
and olde e and gats, so no one gets close to me
and down to scr-p, raise em from that
true tradition, raise em up, and gangsta b-tches
that’ll blaze them b-tts, don’t play for f-ck
now we had a dealer knock off joints, julie’s jackin
with the drop-off point (yo what the deal n-gg-)
you backed out, i f-ckin witnessed it
and have partners have to split sh-t with
(nah, pay me now, bust it)
at sundown see i went on work
i sent a tec mount in a tennis skirt, pop the blood claat
watch a thug rock, slugs pop
with every cop on the block, with double-eye on my mugshots
he better pay me like he postin bail
or send his hand with no nails to his mom in the mail


don’t look now, but i’m back!!
now give me all my props again
i gotta kick your motherf-ckin -ss for steppin on my moc-ssins!!
we blended with treach and vinnie from naughty by nature
it’s mystikal with silkk the shocker and ‘nem
no limit lieutenant is at it again!!
catch me in the studio, tappin in from it, actin bad with a pen!!
no blackin, no ant-draggin, no babblin
i’m grabbin the mic in the booth when they peak
i’ma gon’ get me started wr-sslin!!
turnin and tusslin
clutchin and musclin
i saw myself the demons when i’m bustin them
if you wanna live you wouldn’t f-ck with them
don’t f-ck with them

[silkk the shocker]
ha hah, don’t f-ck with them, look
n-gg-, i keep a tight show, luciano type dough
feature al capone’s way out n-gg-, i got that type of flow
don’t floss, if it ain’t yours
see we a bunch of feature artists, y’all a bunch of “and mores..”
get the picture like van gogh, plus they done banned our tours
catch me gettin my floss on walkin ‘cross marble tan floors
can’t even touch the flow, can’t even touch no coat
b-tch i’m made now, i can’t even much touch no mo’
f-ck the whole rap game up n-gg- just, one of my lines
say y’know a n-gg- like me, you’re lyin b-tch
cause i’m like one of a kind
from the jerz to the five-oh we get down and dirty ya heard?
i gotta eat, so i gotta go to street, cop two keys and a bird
.. so y’all better have what you owe me! by sundown
.. or else i’ma get mystikal, naughty by nature, my boys and ‘nem
.. we gonna get y’all!


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