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nav/attack – a message from dr. ross arlen lyrics


hi, i’m doctor ross arlen
take a minute with me
we’re gonna do a self-checkup
have you ever stopped to consider who you’re following?
think about it
how many things that you like every day actually bring you down?
if we are willing listeners, science tells us that both of these questions might be the key
to determining our path in life
you see, there is a bold physiological impact to our interactions with others and even our own likes
just last week, i treated a patient with acute omnymity
for whom life had become quite miserable
when she was completely forthcoming with my staff, we were able to pinpoint the behavior behind the patient’s development of her new condition
in the past ninety six hours, she had like thirty seven items from twenty one different friends
she was also following five hundred and nineteen people, many of whom were unknown to her
her circ-mstances had become disproportionate and her system was simply unable to produce enough enzymes to keep her health in balance
the good news is, using our revolutionary methods, treatment is not only possible, it’s undeniable
you can get better
if you’d like more information, call our office and schedule a consultation
844 628 2825
i’m doctor ross arlen
i wanna talk to you about what you like and who you’re following