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nbhd nick – mad for lyrics


sounds familiar?
[+clears throat+]
uh (i honestly didn’t even want to rap on this, though)

[verse 1]
used to run through the money, now i’m too old (woo)
man, i’m just playin’, (huh) shot when i land (yeah)
promoter pay for six flights got the team right
i just tell mr. ban (swipe)
came here for the bands (bands)
beachside villa for aesthetic just because and i don’t even like the sand (i don’t like that)
stan smith sneakers on the beach, desert water, i just came for the ten (look)
this was always planned, (yeah) you wouldn’t understand (nah)
i could turn a chеvy to a cullinan (to a cullinan)
i could the rolex to an ap (to an ap)
i came from sorry, sir to comе again (come again)
i came from two screens to hd
tell ’em why you mad for (yeah, tell ’em why you mad)
go and tell ’em why you mad for (why you mad, huh? why you mad, huh?)

[verse 2]
no new friends, i couldn’t catch a win until i cut off the loose ends (chop+chop)
used to whip the under in the trunk, yeah, that two tens
(boom+boom+boom, b+boom+boom+boom+boom, boom, boom) just like that, too
out the speakers was max b, couldn’t say a thing about the way if you ask me (way)
never copped the chain, i was always tryna gain green (uh)
ridin’ round with my s+xy love in the passenger seat, huh

tell ’em why you mad for (why you mad for, tell ’em why you mad, uh) huh?
go and tell ’em why you mad for (why you mad for, tell ’em why you mad)

[verse 3]
go a+go a+go a+go ahead and just give me a reason
not the change on you once i get me a milli’
i got checks in hamburg, i might fly out this evenin’ (go)
i got checks in moscow, i’ll be back in a weekend (no)
if it wasn’t for covid, i’d be in europe tourin’
countin’ cash on the couch, it’s gettin’ kinda borin’ (borin’)
must be talkin’ ’bout kids when you talk drivin’ foreigns (foreigns)
say i’m lyin’ and i’m tellin’ stories, oh, you can’t
uh, [+stutters+]
tell ’em why you mad for, (tell ’em why you mad, why you mad, why you mad) huh? (wah+wah+wah)
go and tell ’em why you mad for, silly
(sound like+sound like a bunch of crybabies in here)

[verse 4]
uh, soft+spoken, i could hit the studio and spit ’til my jaw’s broken
four records in a hour, i’m not braggin’, it’s all boastin’ (and it’s really there)
pen a top ten’er bar for bar and it’s all coastin’
and it’s easy for me, just tell me go and i’m on go, it’s no reasons for me
doin’ features for a feature, that’s reach for me
my next shows, i’m at your store, they’ve sleepin’ on me (zoom)
see they took my style, see they’ve been peekin’ on me
that’s why i’m mad for
i’m mad! (ah+ha+ha, ha! ah+ha+ha, ha!)

yeah, that’s why i’m mad for (yeah)
you got me [sucks t++th]
they got you mad like where you suck your t++th, right? ’cause (uh, huh)
they try to say, ooh, that’s a cute song, that’s a cute song, (right, right) but let me bar for bar real quick (exactly)
just to wake you up
get you out your scene (get, get, get ’em up) and just like, mmm! you know what i mean? like (i know what you mean)
yeah (yeah)
a lil’ reminder (okay)
set a+set a reminder on your phone, wake up at 6 am like me (okay)
go to sleep at 12 like me (uh+huh)
and it’s still sleep gang (right)
you gotta get your rest, stupid