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nc1 – retarded freestyle lyrics


my m+ om+ om+ om+ hates me+ e+ e+ e+ e+
say what
oh no
huh, huh, ok
ok ok lets get started with this new album lets get r+t+rded
i am a maniac when i get to rapping
i am a freak when i hear clapping
i am menace
when im playing tennis
or a creep
when im going to sleep
i make rhymes i dont make dimes
the songs i run i make for fun
you can hate me i dont blame
some of my songs they’re f+cking lame
except for the albums
yeah thats true those won’t stop
under construction that was a huge flop
that was a demo
songs were sh+t
but what about boozed up that was a hit
true yeah
nc1 thats only one person
doing the beat and doing the vocals
sometimes i steal beats from youtube
not gon lie
hoes lie
hair dye
cream pie
ill die all alone in my casket
feels like a basket
tight and small like my b+lls
backrooms with no halls
yeah yeah yeah

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