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ne – yo – lonely lyrics



mm mmm, bada doo, bada doo, bada doo

[verse 1]
forty-second street 4 a.m.
i’m rolling slowly, no destination in mind
driver lookin at me strange cause i got in
handed him a wad of cash
sat back and told him just drive
i’m thinking about the day
u packed your things and left
saying you knew all about
chanel, tiffany, tracey, stephanie
u went away so i’m writing in the fog
on the window to express myself
and how i’m feeling

[chorus 2x]
y. l. e. n. o. l
as i rode past you in this taxis cab
if you care at all
that means i’m lonely
oh, oh, oh, oh

[verse 2]
i see a woman walking with her man
man with his woman smiling as they stroll into this little bar
as they kiss each other, holding hands
i get sick to my stomach
so jealous of how f-cking happy they are (lucky b-st-rds)
there’s a couple different people i could call rite now
but the one i’m wanting don’t want me at all right now
(and that hurts)
to my heart, my mind, and my soul
rolling in this cab writing on the window singing..

[chorus 2x]
y. l. e. n. o. l.
as i rode past you in this taxi cab
if you care at all
that means i’m lonely
oh, oh, oh, oh

(ha ha ooo) what am i suppose to do now
rolling round feeling like a fool now
crying like a b-tch in the back of this taxi cab
so stupid
driver tried to ask if i’m alright
i say “nevermind, mind your business and just drive dammit,
u don’t know nothing about
how i feel right now
let me spell it out…”

[chorus until it fades]

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