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necro – keeping it real lyrics


[verse 1: necro]
keepin’ it destructive, constructed rugged
creeping on you like the reaper, productive thuggin’
thrown into obliteration for showin’ no consideration
finish you, reality show elimination
death rap architecture designer, aggresive perfector, sick progressive rhymer
threaten you, get to you, offend you, obscenely
see me in the streets, i’m a end you meanly
a cleavage in your grimacing grin, sends you an instant message like msn
pay homage, the heroic, homicide, bondage, combat, drama packed poet
infection, when i kick it it’s like an injection
give you a one way ticket to the resurrection
a scarface, with a slash above the eye, hiphop and metal, i’m gonna love you ’til i die

[hook: adam jackson]
i’m keeping it real for the streets
you know the deal, we bring that heat
you don’t want drama son you better fall back
i’m keeping it real for the streets

[verse 2: necro]
malignant, trigger man, negative
catch you at a big event, live segment, tear a ligament
liquidate, kicking the sickest, syncopated, nickel-plated rap, my innovative way
necrosis dialogue, patriarch, my blog of hatred is dark, i rep new york
objectionable, like correctional housing, disrespectful, stay strong, you’ll be out soon
i demoralize, bring it to ya’ll, look you all in the eyes, stand tall, brooklyn never lies
quick annihilation, my style’s a human rights violation, a vile indignation
grew up in an urban location, the projects, herb, you better watch your verbalization
necro, rigid, rough, digital, bridge it all, death rap, metal hip-hop, original