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negative plane – a church in ruin lyrics


looming shape against the sky, the ruin of a church
crumbling walls of decay, rotten wood painted black

within these walls the devil holds his m-ss,
souls and minds to the yawning black abyss

faces without eyes, they congregate in the chapel to
the priest of death starts the lord satan’s m-ss

our souls are yours to take,

kneeling down in front of the goat and mendes,
burn a pentagram into the flesh of the child

the time has come for souls to be burned
seperate the flesh,
the fire awaits

venerate the lord of flies
invert the ways of the lord
invoke the names of the beast

offerings of flesh and blood,
screams of pain throw wide the gate

the swallowed souls fall to h-ll,
denied the grace of the holy angels

lucifer, lord of light
welcomes his children into the kingdom of fire

even in death there is no escape
sink down through the layers of the black slime of

the ritual is done and all that now remains is
the rotten stench of burned innocent flesh