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nell – break yoself 2 lyrics


[verse 1: n3ll]
mia to nyc make 24k when i breathe
’94 mentality the machiavelli prodigy
funk beatin’ out the trunk, travels through my arteries
third eye open scopin’ the block pop poppin’ the glock
comin’ off of the holster
leanin’ on that easter pink, alize and hennessy
hear no evil as i speak, all black coat on when i creep
medicated, alter-ego, smoker ’till i can not see
this life’s a curse ’cause jails and he-rs-s causes grey anatomy
welcome to my trilogy, legal, lethal, k!lling spree
k!ll the beat like k!lla p, i’m ethel like x in his p-r-i-m-straight to the-e i’m yet to see one real as me
your end is me, you f-cked with me, your consequence is d-i-e
murderous maniac, mentally levitate, beats i -ss-ssinate
never procrastinate, hate and not elevate, levels to gravitate
burnin’ that dank to climb in the rank
now give respect or hit the deck, my set known for catchin’ wreck
new era my intellect, so bow down to the ultimate

[hook: n3ll (x4)]
’94 mentality, now these n-ggas mad at me
break yoself, break-break yoself, ridin’ with that pistol grip

[verse 2: n3ll]
push a motherf-cker cause i don’t give a d-mn what you think
b-tch i make you lay down with my strap
studio gangsters, nothin’ but pranksters, start a beef
and don’t know how to react
me; i step back hold strap from my lap
and be clappin’ at [?] be makin’ a scene
no place to hide when i pull up, drive by especially if i’m equipped with that beam
k!ll with [respect?] we take off with his head
but we let him keep his neck and the rest of his t–th
name another n-gga that want it with me
don’t make me cut off your family tree
n-gga’s irrelevant, i keep banana clip, just in case a monkey b-tch tryna swing can’t cop a plea, jump in the [?]
i’m real and you obsolete, [?] motives on the street
get bucked and come march with me
turnt up we gone start a riot, smoked out just on autopilot
fee-fi-fo my flow so giant, ecstatic styles in my ions
mystical mischief, horrific instinct
rated r ritual blood on the street, retro reapers ride for me
if you don’t comply you sleep
inspire my ent-ty to bring you to reality
fake n-gga fatality, please don’t test my accuracy
real n-ggas surrounding me, we’ll k!ll you for eternity

[hook: n3ll (x2)]
’94 mentality, now these n-ggas mad at me
break yoself, break-break yoself, ridin’ with that pistol grip