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nelly – in the store lyrics


(feat. cedric the entertainer and la la)

[cedric:] yo yo yo yo, my man, yo
[clerk:] yea, what can i help you with?
[cedric:] hey c’mon man you gotta say you got me on dis one, look…
[clerk:] what do ya need, what do ya need?
[cedric:] you got da new nelly? you got dat in? the nellyville, you got dat right?
[clerk:] what is that rap or something?
[cedric:] wha?
[clerk:] i think we jus sold out of it man.
[cedric:] sold out?!c’mon bro dis da fourth, fifth, store i’ve been to today, they all sold out!
[clerk:] we’re all sold out bro.
[cedric:] c’mon man you gotta help a brotha out, man i’m in a [clerk interruptes:(hey man!)] desperate sitiation herre playa!
[clerk:] i’d love to help you my brotha!
[cedric:] i got a nice lil s-xy lil thing waitin on me at da crib, and all she wanna hear is nelly, i’m tryin to get it through your smell.
[clerk:] i hear ya,[cedric interrupts:(wha?)] i hear ya, you gotta get the mood goin, ya know…?
[cedric:(laughin)] yea, dats what i’m tryin to do pimp juice!
[clerk:] pimp juice?!
[cedric:] look man, let me…, can you download it for me? sumthin?
[clerk:] no man, we can’t do that here, sorry!
[cedric:] mp3? you can’t…?
[clerk:] no, we can’t, we can’t mp3, sorry!
[cedric:] let me take one of your listenin machines or sumthin, and i’ll bring it back to you tomorrow.
[clerk:] ya f-ckin crazy? my boss would kill me man!
[cedric:] look man, jus check in da back, do whateva you gotta do.
[clerk:] hold on, let me see what i can do for ya bro.let me see…
[clerk:] man this is the last one i got.
[cedric:] for real? aight! cool wait..
[clerk:] it’s the clean version, that’s all i got, i found the clean version for ya!
[cedric:] it’s da clean version?
[clerk:] nelly, ya know the new one, nellyville.
[cedric:] it said there’s no cusin on it? none?
[clerk:] ya want it?
[cedric:] dat’s all you got?
[clerk:] it’s hip-hop!
[cedric:(sigh)] d-mn aight, aight give me dat man.i jus got ta make it happen right now, i jus gotta…
[clerk:] alright, alright but hurry up we got people waitin in line here, they’ve been waitin for a long time.
[cedric:] yea, go ahead and giva it to me.
[clerk:] good luck dawg!



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