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nemb – not sorry pt.2 lyrics


(b+tches be laughing at me just for making songs

other b+tches be straight up bully me for no f+cking reason, i swear, you wouldn’t be alive if not for my respect to women but b+tch, if you gonna try and try again, i’m gonna change my f+cking mind)

that b+tch really be trying
that b+tch really be trying
sad b+tch really be trying
im on that same sh+t no more, f+ck that
im on a whole nother level
you really want to gain momentum
those same b+tch be trying and trying again, but why?

this same b+tch try to get me
you think that it will end me?
f+ck you b+tch you not gonna end me
make out this sh+t sucessfully
u watching your g+y sh+t (what?)
nah your g+y sh+t, f+ck that

ima drop this bomb like kendrick
you never were really a ten (really)
so f+ck you and all of your relatives
f+ck you and all of your weird sh+t
thank a god that u a girl, b+tch
cause this would not be that easy
telling everyone that im a freak?
cry about not being kimberly
cause you will not get them big (for real)
looking at me like you dwarf
my biggest mistake was tellin sorry
cause b+tch u not sorry
and im gon end you like i ended this 2 sh+ts
it was not fun
i’ve got their house

this sh+t bout to be 10v1
cause all of them on my side
b+tch you on your side
alone on your side
no one will help (you)
the others will help (me)
be loving online beta b+tch
nah i’m on a diffrent sh+t
thanks god that i saw this sh+t
because i would drown in this

f+ck you looking at?
don’t you see that im f+cking done?
u be trying small talk
i’m gon be like f+ck that
blocked on all sites
that’s the last time i’m gon f+ck with that

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