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neptune frost – binary stars lyrics


potolo the avatar:
hack… into land rights and ownership
hack… into business law, proprietorship
hack… into the history of the bank
hack… and question the business of slavery, of free labor, its relation to today’s world
hack…into ambition, into greed
into suffering and sufferance

the treatment of one faith towards another
there’s energy in pairing

once upon a time
very long ago
we lived on a mountaintop
my mother and father were… binary stars
on the mountaintop was where we discovered ourselves
our nature
our density
the visible and the invisible
an awareness indivisible by doubt

binary crime theory
the give and the take
the heart you must break, in order to open
eclipse of the senses…
the ceremony of smoking
and then there was fire
fire in the sky…
there was day
and then there was light
fire in the sky…

binary crime theory
the give and the take
blind fury, contrary
the heart you must break… in order to open
there is a way of breaking a heart!
so that the blood spills evenly onto the page
a book to be opened

fire in the sky…
there was day



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