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nerddo - death to the garage boy lyrics


i thought of this to be the most unecessary yet needed thing i’ve ever heard, so
alright, sure

[verse 1]
i assure you, none of those lyrics hit like you just wanted them to
i don’t need emetics, when i can just listen to you
you’re gonna need a medic
and you know it is the truth

you took offense to my lines
so that means something i said that was right
was it the minor mention, or your worse lyrics
cuz i swear i feel like i’m losing my mind

i still haven’t got my feature
f+ck your lil feature, i am the teacher
i am the leader, you are a creature
you’re getting weaker, i swear i think that you got a fever

from the heat that i’m sending
your career is ending
this fight was unintended
my rhymes are never+ending
i’d say your doom is impending
but i say i’m transcending
(that’s what you wanted, right?)
[verse 2]
you are pathetic
i make something better and its a f+ckin epidemic
you are egotistical
“anything is an attack” yeah bro, that is just hypocritical

you’re so far up your own ass, you only think inward
i’m hoping these lines just leave you injured
this is all about useless words
idk why tf you’re fighting a nerd?

you’re a sad person
you’re only gonna worsen
i think that this is your best version
change? yeah i’m uncertain

cuz, y’know f+ck you dude

you’re the biggest hypocrite
it’s a mark twain quote, dude
the track wasn’t even directed towards you
but now it is all of a sudden
f+ck you

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