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new life (reidy x monopolejoe x signature x burgdaddy) – smiling faces lyrics


verse 1 (reidy): you’s a backstabber, dirty rat b-st-rd
no master rapper i’m a plastered disaster
check out this rap, one of my best friends
heck we gave daps when the other stepped in
he was calm & collected, i was hectic & well respected
but we he did some sh-t that was wreckless
he approached my ex, knowing that’s a “no-no”
i should choke you to death, but that’s a no-go
f-ckin’ hobo, shook him up like a snow globe
knocked that man out like chris brown to hoes though
i want y’all to like me, suck the dust from my nikes
you a traitor like brett favre to the vikings (yup!)
packers suck
but you back stabbed me so pack it up
quit actin’ tough cause you ain’t copping sh-t
when i see the industry i’m robbin’ it
delete me from your contacts if you’re trying to hand me a contract
i’m a 90’s kid so you know i’m all that
tc on my ball cap, what you call that?
all rap, back stab me & get your jaw snapped
yellin’ at me? like it’s all caps
i’m that real raw rap grab your hand & i saw that
like jig saw i flip flaws you’re faker then a t-t job rip off
so fall back and slip dog
yeah they get me p-ssed off whenever i see it
go face-to-face cause that’s their weakness
i’m a freakish demon speakin’ english
and you’re like jesus, i can’t believe it!
wait… i’ve calmed down
wait… new life is droppin’ bombs now
gl-ss smash, that -ss tappin’
cl-ss rappin’ you back stabbin (b-tch!)

hook (monopolejoe): they smiling in your face, they smiling in your face